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Health Resort, Bukovicka banja
 Location:  > SERBIA
The first expert recognition of the healing properties of the water came from E. Lindenmayor, the chef of staff of the medical corps of the Dukedom of Serbia, at the beginning of t... Read more ...
Google SearchHealth Resort, Bukovicka banjaeBrochures_Health Resort, Bukovicka banja_lvImagesYoutube Health Resort, Bukovicka banjaGoogle Maps Health+Resort+Bukovicka+banjaFacebook Health+Resort+Bukovicka+banja

Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Koviljaca
 Location:  > SERBIA
Special medical centre for rehabilitation - Banja Koviljac is equiped with 416 beds at luxurious apartmants, single and double rooms equiped according “B category hotel standard. ... Read more ...
Google SearchSpecijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju KoviljacaeBrochures_Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Koviljaca_lvImagesYoutube Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju KoviljacaGoogle Maps Specijalna+bolnica+za+rehabilitaciju+KoviljacaFacebook Specijalna+bolnica+za+rehabilitaciju+Koviljaca

Specijalna bolnica za rehabilit. Vrelo, Bujanovac
 Location:  > SERBIA
SPA "Bujanovacka Banja" is a spa in the south of Serbia, just off the Belgrad?-Skopje-Thessalonica-Athens road and railway, and 2.5 km from Bujanovac. The local climate is temperat... Read more ...
Google SearchSpecijalna bolnica za rehabilit. Vrelo, BujanovaceBrochures_Specijalna bolnica za rehabilit. Vrelo, Bujanovac_lvImagesYoutube Specijalna bolnica za rehabilit. Vrelo, BujanovacGoogle Maps Specijalna+bolnica+za+rehabilit.+Vrelo+BujanovacFacebook Specijalna+bolnica+za+rehabilit.+Vrelo+Bujanovac

Health Centre Gornja Trepca, Spa Trepca
 Location:  > SERBIA
The health Resort Centre "Gornja Trepca" is in southwest Serbia, on 460m sea level, which lends the characteristics of an air health resort to it. The climate is self-control conti... Read more ...
Google SearchHealth Centre Gornja Trepca, Spa TrepcaeBrochures_Health Centre Gornja Trepca, Spa Trepca_lvImagesYoutube Health Centre Gornja Trepca, Spa TrepcaGoogle Maps Health+Centre+Gornja+Trepca+Spa+TrepcaFacebook Health+Centre+Gornja+Trepca+Spa+Trepca

Health Centre Ivanjica
 Location:  > SERBIA
The institution has 250 beds distributed in 10 single rooms, 44 double and 54 triple rooms and two suites. Property of the month of May has a connection SBB cable TV and free inter... Read more ...
Google SearchHealth Centre IvanjicaeBrochures_Health Centre Ivanjica_lvImagesYoutube Health Centre IvanjicaGoogle Maps Health+Centre+IvanjicaFacebook Health+Centre+Ivanjica

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Rehabilitation Center Pribojs
Read more ... Health Centre has 92 beds in two bedrooms. Other facilities: swimming pool, recreat...
Rehabilitation Center Niska B
Read more ... Niska Spa is a small and quiet tourist place (spa) in the south-eastern part of Serbia. It...
Hotel Stacionar Selters, Mlad
Read more ... Hotel Selters is located on 50km southeast from Belgrade, near Mountain Kosmaj. In Thermal...
Rehabilitation Center "Agens"
Read more ... Zavod raspolaze strucnim timom lekara, terapeuta, kao i savremenom opremom za lecenje. Ods...
Special medical centre for re
Read more ... SPA "Bujanovacka Banja" is a spa in the south of Serbia, just off the Belgrade-Skopje-Thes...
Rehabilitation Center Merkur,
Read more ... This thermal Spa is with the basin, near river Zapadna Morava, with the foot of the Goc mo...
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